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A simple ritual for clearing and tending this body vessel, so we may be clear receivers of all that’s true and real, and clear givers of our authentic power and brilliant creativity.


Find a little Juniper or Mugwort (cleansing & protecting) Cedar (releasing) or Rosemary (clarifying), or whatever cleansing plant is local to you. (If you gather it, make sure there is plenty to keep growing, ask the plant for permission, and give a song or words of gratitude.)

Dry the plant, or with a bundle already dried, light a little with an intention for clearing.


Invite the smoke to cleanse you. To clear any unnecessary energies, to release what doesn’t serve your highest self. Invite in the clearing of unhelpful beliefs or thoughtforms. Invite in clarity, to perceive truth within our mind and heart, and follow our highest self and deepest inner wisdom.


Thank you fire, thank you plants. Thank you soul and allies beyond. Thank you Source.


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