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We used to sit around fires and listen to stories. This fed our communities, it fed existence, it kept the balance. Now, our fires are screens, and they can divide us against ourselves.


So this practice is to take the learning from these systems, and to heal ourselves, so we can tell better stories, and light real fires.


Who do you compare yourself to? (Other people in your life, or online, or in media…) 

What top 3 qualities do they have that you want to see more of in yourself? 


Now, turn these qualities into affirmative statements, as though you already embody them (i.e., “I am confident and clear in how I express myself”) 


Write down 3-5 ways you can embody these qualities more in yourself (I.e., seeing confidence or boldness in another, we can express this by taking risks with what we wear, trying new things, speaking our truth…) Get specific. 


Now write 1 specific way you will embody one of these qualities today. 

Embody that quality, that energy, completely. Let it inform you, try it on, see how it feels. Get curious. Notice any thoughts that arise, judgments, doubts… write them down as you go, track your experience. Keep embodying that quality. Play with it. Notice how it shapes you. 


Speak the affirmative statements to yourself often. Keep embodying the qualities you admire in others. 


You become what you believe, what you embody. Dance with it.


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