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little garden


Inviting in the full Radiance of your heart to lead. 


At midday, when the sun is out, find a place where you can stand fully illuminated in the sun. (If the sun is not out, imagine the sun shining on you). Invite the solar energy to wash over and through you. To cleanse you. Welcome it. 


Then imagine your own heart-sun, a reflection of the sun above. Imagine it shining in full radiance, the light of your heart, illuminating all the tiny corners within. Feel it illuminating the shadows, the old programs, the doubts, the conditioned fears and beliefs. 


Breathe into this illumination. Let that love hold your heart.

Let it permeate your whole being, shining around you, clearing your aura with light. Shining beyond you, like the sun, sending light in all directions. 


Take three deep breaths or more, each outbreath shining this pure light farther and wide in all directions.  Give it as a gift to your body, to the land around you, the world, the whole universe. 


Thank the sun of your heart, for the love that is You.


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