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Make an offering of DANCE to fire, intending it to feed our right relationship with the element.


You can light a candle if you wish, or do this under the bright burning sun.

This is a dance for our human right relationship to the energies of anger, passion, and consumption. Our collective healing and return to sacred passion, creative brilliance, and generous radiance. This is also a prayer for the physical element of fire (which is a reflection of the energies of fire within us all) to be in harmony on the earth, to burn in healthy ways. And for our human family to be stewards of fire, inner and outer, respecting and honoring it always.


Set your intention, then let your heart move you.

Hold nothing back. Move as deep as you mean it. Move freely.

With all your body, send out this prayer for right balance with all the elements, with the fire within you and within all of us.

thank you


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