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Crucible / Ritual


Honoring the fires of transmutation.

What are you ready to release? What beliefs, thoughts, programs no longer serve your path? 


On a small piece of paper, scribe what you are ready to release.

Speak aloud, to Spirit/Creator/Universe, these patterns and beliefs, and that you are ready to let them go. “I allow these to release.”


When you feel truly ready to let them go – safely, with candle in a metal bowl, or a small cauldron on a plate – offer the paper to the flame.

As it burns, breathe out, allowing the release of these patterns.


Give thanks to the fire for transmuting your prayers. And so it is.


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This a crucible

endless ritual

circled by fire, not asking to be saved


in your crucible

all is touchable

burn away

only you remaining


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