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What are you emerging into?


While listening to this song (or another soothing song) visualize your current self inside a chrysalis, a cocoon. Imagine all the old parts of you, the parts that feel outdated, the parts you’re ready to let go of, thoughts and beliefs and fears and scarcity… imagine it turning to goo. 

Imagine it leaking out of you, till you are empty, spacious. 

You are the cocoon, the container. 


Now, imagine pure light pouring in. It weaves your structure, your body, your energy and vitality. Imagine all the threads of your brightest radiance, your truth, your power, your aliveness, pouring in and weaving you into being. 

Feel yourself shining with this limitless pure potential. Feel it weaving a new structure, a body, weaving wings for you.

Breathe this deeply, at least three times. 

Feel this limitless shimmering being have always been. 


And very slowly, when you are ready, imagine yourself emerging from the chrysalis. 

You open your eyes. You are ready to fly.


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